Tessile e Salute

Publication of the Istisan Report
  • 20/10/2020

Publication of the Istisan Report "Chemistry, fashion and health". Higher Institute of Health

The fashion and textile industry represents the second manufacturing sector in Italy. Current knowledge related to the use of chemicals in production processes has led, over time, to identify the health effects that such uses can produce, especially skin allergies. This problem is highlighted by the numerous RAPEX (Rapid Alert System for non-food dangerous products) notifications registered for the textile category which, in the period 2013-2018, represented approximately 15% of the total notifications for articles with chemical risk. The Higher Institute of Health, Accredia (Italian Accreditation Body), the Ministry of Health and the Textile and Health Association organized the "Chemistry, fashion and health" conference from which the picture of the current criticalities and the need for having to implement a dermatitis prevention and surveillance network and update the provisions for the control of chemicals as a starting point for a healthier view of fashion.