Tessile e Salute

Health risks

Health risks

In the years 2011 and 2012 the Association has carried out a surveys at national level on textile items purchased in stores or taken from the NAS and ASL during inspections following the reporting of health problems..

Here is a summary of the most significant results:

Presence of dangerous substances on textile items purchased at points of sale:

• 4% carcinogenic aromatic amines
• 4% allergenic dyes 
• 6% heavy metals
• 4% formaldehyde

Widespread presence of dangerous substances in textile and footwear articles taken from the NAS or the ASL. Causes of diseases found in patients admitted to dermatological clinics (study on over 400 patients):

• Textiles - in 69.1% of cases
• Accessories - in 16.5% of cases
• Footwear - in 14.4% of cases

Advice for the Consumer

1. Do not buy items without a composition label *.
2. Always wash a new head of clothing before wearing it and, in case of dye release, rewash it.

 *The label must declare by law the type of fibers present in the garment.