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Premio Elsa Piana - year 2021

Premio Elsa Piana - year 2021

Elsa Piana Award – year 2021

Given the difficult historical-health moment due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 Award was dedicated to research projects engaged in the prevention of epidemics from biological agents, focusing in particular on the possible improvements to be made to the Personal Protective

Equipment (PPE), in terms of protective efficacy and comfort.

At the final event of the competitiom, 6 works of the highest quality and international significance were presented and awarded.

Below is the list of projects and their respective presentations.

Helena Prado Felgueiras and Matteo Beccatelli won on a par. Special mentions by the jury to the other 4 researchers.

  1. Matteo Beccatelli. Biometrica
    ‘Wearable device for real time detection of Sars Cov2 from biological fluids’
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  2. Fasano Matteo. Politecnico di Torino
    ‘Sustainable polyethylene fabrics with engineered moisture and heat transport’
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  3. Margarucci Lory Marika. Università degli studi di Roma "Foro Italico"
    ‘Photocatalytic treatments for Personal Protective Equipment: experimental data and perspectives for the enhancement of antimicrobial activity also in the prevention of COVID 19’
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  4. Marini Doriana. Dienpi srl
    ‘The first 100% Made in Italy inclusive mask, clear, for lip reading’
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  5. Pais Vania. Universidade do Minho
    ‘NanoMask - Development of thermoformed FFP 2 masks, using a filter with a filtering capacity gradient (nano/ for use in a professional context)’
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  6. Prado Felgueiras Helena. Universidade do Minho
    ‘Essential oils loaded nanofibrous mats inhibitory effect against the Escherichia virus MS2, mimic of SARS CoV 2’
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