Tessile e Salute

Areas of intervention

Areas of intervention

The commitment of the Associazione Tessile e Salute is articulated on several fronts:

  1. Knowledge, monitoring and resolution of problems related to chemical sustainability
  2. Certification of articles and / or processes based on the traceability and transparency of production chains
  3. Implementation of standards and shared rules for chemical sustainability
  4. Support to companies for the management of problems related to the safety and sustainability of articles and / or processes, for the protection of Made in Italy
  5. Transfer of knowledge to economic and institutional subjects interested in the issue of safe consumption
  6. Sensitization of workers and public opinion on consumer safety and protection
  7. Thermo-physiological comfort and performance of garments, in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino
  8. Participation in research projects
  9. Collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Carabinieri of the NAS and the national ASL (Local Health Companies) for the control of the articles on the market.