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Actions and initiatives

Actions and initiatives

The Textile and Health Association:

• It collaborates with the competent Authorities and takes part in national and international technical groups with the aim of putting order and establish common rules for the management of dangerous chemicals: control over materials, eco-toxicological standards, reciprocity of trade between different countries 

• It studies and monitors the presence of dangerous chemicals in textiles and footwear through its own database of chemical substances and the evolution of pathologies due to contact with substances released by articles, thanks to the collaboration with the Higher Institute of Health and the Associations of Dermatologists

• Certifies companies and their production and / or processes by monitoring and evaluating the various phases of the entire production chain that makes an article (go to Certification)

• Work with national and international competent authorities to improve European legislation in order to prevent a substance, banned in Europe, due to health problems may be present on imported articles

• It collaborates with the Ministry of Health, the Local Health Authorities, the NAS, the Public Prosecutor's Offices to identify import products that are not in compliance with the Community legislation and with the European Reach Regulation or that may release of dangerous substances

• On the reporting from institutions and citizens, it verifies through laboratory analysis, the presence of harmful substances in articles on the market and the correctness of the statements on their labels (fibrous composition) and communicate the results to the competent authorities to take the necessary proceedings

• Performs research in collaboration with the Politecnico of Turin for the evaluation of the performance and the thermo-physiological comfort of clothing items through tests on volunteers within a climatic chamber.

Furthermore, the Association develops awareness and information projects for experts and for public opinion in order to spread responsible and conscious consumption and to counter the phenomenon of forgery and counterfeiting.