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Requirements and documents

Requirements and documents

To obtain certification, the following requirements must be met:
• traceability of the production chain: that is traceability of all the processing phases and of the places where they were carried out by the certified company
• knowledge of all the third parties belonging to the supply chain
• knowledge of all the chemical products used by the companies involved in the supply chain and delivery of safety data sheets
• corporate, productive and organizational data 
• availability for continuous improvement, to receive and implement all the new technical / scientific indications that should be received by the Textile and Health Association
• willingness to study and solve new problems if an article should cause a problem that was previously unidentified
• availability to perform analysis to search for dangerous substances in articles for which certification is required.
The obtainment of the certification is constrained to respect the acceptability limits specified in the ARTICLES GUIDELINES and in the CHEMICALS GUIDELINES


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