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Advantages for enterprises

Advantages for enterprises

The introduction of REACH has involved - and involves - an important organizational commitment for companies in the textile and footwear supply chain that must adapt their production process and operating methods to the requirements of the Regulation.

In comparison with international competitors not subject to such stringent regulations, the Made in Italy system is so burdened by new and demanding obligations and constraints. Aware of this situation, the Textile and Health Association commits itself and collaborates with the Institutions to adapt the dictates of the EU Regulation to the real working conditions of Italian companies, safeguarding their competitiveness.

The certification proposed by the Textile and Health Association does not add to what REACH requires but on the contrary, by assuming the fundamental principles and linking them to sustainability, to the Guidelines of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and to the value of the integrity of the production chains, represents for Italian companies a fundamental competitive advantage.

In fact, the companies and the Made in Italy supply chains are already more sustainable than competitors with low-priced products, just consider the laws that regulate the emissions, the controls of the exposed workers, the work relationships, etc .. Sustainability is the lever of competitiveness that the Textile and Health Association uses to protect entire supply chains, which operate guaranteeing health and safety, making them unique on the international scene. 

The goal is to REALIZE THE ITALIAN ROUTE TO A SUSTAINABLE FASHION THAT HELPS AND PROMOTES MADE IN ITALY and the Textile and Health Association works for this target in a system operation, at national level, together with the Italian National Chamber of Fashion and the Brands, in collaboration with Federchimica, SMI (Italy Fashion System) and UNIC (National Union of Tanning Industry).



It is a certification that increases competitiveness:

• differentiates Italian companies from international competitors;

• certifies the traceability and guarantees the safety of products by reconstructing the production chain of the product considered and the processes to which it has been subjected;

• it guarantees both the production process and the safety of the product obtained.