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The REACH4TEXTILES project, commissioned by the DG Grow of the European Commission and ending in September 2023, served to outline the state of the art of controls carried out on textile articles in different European countries and to share best sampling and analysis practices, identifying efficient approaches to prevent non-compliant textile items from being placed on the European market. The project partners were the following: Centexbel (project leader), EURATEX, the German National Textile and Fashion Association (Textile und Mode T+M) and the Associazione Tessile e Salute, with the support of Centrocot for the carrying out laboratory tests.

The REACH4Textiles Project had the following objectives:

- obtain a more in-depth view of the quantity of textile materials present on the European market that meet the REACH requirements and define which types or classes of materials are more prone to contain dangerous substances compared to others

- acquire knowledge on the different test methods, their reproducibility accuracy, the detection limit and the quantification limit.

- develop a rapid decision-making tool for strategic, risk-based control plan design to screen critical import products

- create awareness about market surveillance, disseminate lessons learned during the project and bring market surveillance actors together to exchange best practices for more effective control of textile products.

REACH4Textiles initially outlined the textile market surveillance authorities in Europe, potential overlapping roles and levels of cooperation, with a focus on REACH compliance of textile products and label enforcement in Member States. The results obtained were reported in the two reports, summarized in the following document: Structure and competences for the supervision of the EU textile market.

REACH4Textiles subsequently conducted two purchasing campaigns in different types of points of sale and on online platforms, for a total of 160 items checked through 2374 tests. A risk-based strategy, developed by the project actors, was used for sampling and test selection. Risk-based sampling plan; link Risk-based textile testing matrix.

The results obtained are summarized in the following file: Results


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