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BIOBENS Project 'Biocompatibility of pH-sensitive bandages’

BIOBENS Project 'Biocompatibility of pH-sensitive bandages’

Project carried out in 2021, with the aim of using alochromic dyes, i.e. sensitive to pH, to dye bandages for medical use.

The aim was to achieve the correct characteristics, in terms of solidity of the treatment and absence of risk, for the use of these articles in contact with the skin, laying the foundations for a subsequent development of medical devices useful for follow-up of pathological situations related to skin pH (eczematous plaques, wounds, etc.)

The work allowed us to select two dyes, one natural (CURCUMIN) and one synthetic (BROMOTYMOL BLUE) which satisfy the following characteristics:

-          - Color range between pH 5.5 and pH 8.5.

-          - Excellent fastness to washing and sweat on cotton and polyamide bandages.

-         -  They do not cause cytotoxic reactions.

-          - They do not permeate the internal layers of the skin

The project results were published in 'Fibers and Polymers 2022, Vol.23, No.8, 2123-2131'. DOI 10.1007/s12221-022-4990-6. ‘Performances and Biocompatibility of Prepared pH-Sensitive Cotton/Polyamide 6 Medical Dressings Dyed with Halochromic Dyes’. R. Peila, A.Varesano, C.Vineis, R.Cavalli, M.Argenziano, B. Cravello

Partner: Tessile e Salute (coordination), CNR-STIIMA, UNIVERSITY OF TURIN (DSTF)


Financed by: Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation