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Answers to customer specifications

Answers to customer specifications

Companies are often faced with requests and specifications imposed by customers, concerning the safety and sustainability of articles and / or production processes.

These are requests that often refer both to European legislation (REACH) and to that of other states (USA, China ...) or to voluntary certification schemes developed by individual companies or organized groups that are intended to obtain from supplier company, a written and legal guarantee regarding the safety and sustainability of materials and items sold.

These requests usually provide lists of substances with relative limits of presence and mention the most diverse public and private references (legislations) present on the world market.

In this context, the Textile and Health Association provides a free support to "certified" companies participating in its project to respond in a punctual and authoritative manner to any request concerning eco-toxicology.
The transparency of companies and entire supply chains and the knowledge of all the chemical substances used allow the Textile and Health Association to put the participating Companies in condition to:

• respond to any customer request regarding the eco-toxicology of the items in a simple and accurate manner
• be known and accredited by all the fashion brands
• reduce risks and costs
• stand out from low-price competitors
• be recognized and promoted as transparent and sustainable enterprises
To get this free service you need to join the Textile and Health Association and to get certified.